Please concider ordering Pica Disk releases from the following mailorders/shops instead of directly from Pica:

Norman Records
Volcanic Tounge
Second Layer
Mimarogulu Music Sales
Freak Animal
White Noise

Ground Fault
Some Place Else
Tochnit Aleph
Tedium House
Monotype Records

Available Pica Disk releases:
PICA025 Keränen: Bats in the Attic [CD]
PICA024 Jazkamer: Failed State of Mind [CD]
PICA023 Jazzkammer: Peanuts [CD]
PICA022 Jazkamer: July Matthew 28:17 [CD]
PICA021 Jazkamer: July Jazkamer [CD]
PICA020 Jazkamer: We Want Epic Drama [CD]
PICA019 Kevin Drumm: Necro Acoustic [5CD BOX-SET]
PICA018 Jazkamer: Chestnut Thornback Tar [CD]
PICA017 Jazkamer: Self Portrait [CD]
PICA016 Jazkamer: The Monroe Doctrine [CD]
PICA015 Jazkamer: Musica Non Grata [CD]
Jazkamer: Solitary Nail [CD]
PICA013 Tony Conrad / C. Spencer Yeh / Michael F. Duch: Musculus Trapezius [CD]
PICA012 Government Alpha: Resolution of Remembrance [4CD BOX-SET]
PICA011 Will Guthrie: Spike-s [7" single]
PICA010 Oren Ambarchi / Lasse Marhaug: Devil Wolf Men [7"single]
PICA009 Maja S.K. Ratkje / Lasse Marhaug: Music For Gardening [CD]
PICA005 Hijokaidan: Polar Nights Live [CD]
PICA004 Birchville Cat Motel: Gunpowder Temple of Heaven [CD]
PICA003 Hild Sofie Tafjord: Kama [CD]
PICA001 Lasse Marhaug: Tapes 1990-1999 [4CD BOX-SET]

The following Pica Disk releases are SOLD-OUT:
Incapacitants: Box Is Stupid [10CD BOX-SET]
Incapacitants: Burning Orange [CD]
Lasse Marhaug: Leaning To Fly [7"]
Will Guthrie: Spike-s [7"]
Oren Ambarchi/Lasse Marhaug: Worried Friends b/w Nervous Enemies [7"]

CD: 12 US $/10 EURO per copy
7" SINGLE: 8 US $ / 6 EURO per copy
4CD BOX SET: 37 US $/ 25 EURO copy
5CD BOX SET: 45 US $

Prices does not include postage. Please email me and request the total price. Norwegian postage rates are divided into 100 grams, 350 grams, 1 kilo and 2 kilos, so it could cost the same to ship one or four records. Payment via Paypal.

The following non-Pica Disk releases are also available:

Jazkamer & Smegma: Endless Coast [CD]
Jazkamer/Mark Durgan: split [7" single]
Lasse Marhaug: Quality Control [CD]
Jazkamer: Eat Shit [CD]
Lasse Marhaug: The Great Silence [CD]
Testicle Hazard: Everything Has Its Price [CD]
Jazzkammer/Howard Stelzer: Tomorrow No One Will Be Safe [CD]
Jazkamer: Balls The Size Of Texas, Liver The Size Of Brazil [CD]
Lasse Marhaug/Paal Nilssen-Love: Stalk [CD]
Marhaug | Asheim: Grand Mutation [CD]
Lasse Marhaug: Document [cassette]
Lasse Marhaug/Carlos Giffoni: Lesbian Brunch [CD]
Lasse Marhaug: Spaghetti Western Rainbow [CD]
DEL: Five Dolls For An August Moon [LP]
Heldén Marhaug Nordwall: When The Ice Is Leaving, Scandinavia Is Burning [CD]
The Zen Nuns [CD-R]
Origami Replika: Kommerz - Merzbow in the hands of Origami Replika [CD]
Jazkamer: Metal Music Machine [12" LP]
Jazkamer: girlie t-shirt, S and M size, white print on black shirt
Marhaug/Courtis: North and South Neurino [CD]
Nash Kontroll: Your Left Hand Just Exploded [CD]
Lasse Marhaug/Andreas Meland: Brakhage [CD]
Fe-Mail featuring Lasse Marhaug: All Men Are Pigs [CD]
Asterisk*/Merzbow/Marhaug: Decomposing Dogma [LP]
Bananafish # 17 [magazine + CD]
The Sleazy Listeneres: The Romance is Over [CD]
Per Gisle Galåen/Lasse Marhaug: In-store [CD-R]
Origami Replika: SchMerzPunkDaDa 7" [CD]
Origami Replika/Kapotte Muziek: Metamusikk [CD]
Anus Presley: Music to Listen to When You're Dead [CD]
Der Brief: VOLUM [CD]
Tore Honore Bøe: Zenography [CD]

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