Menstruation Sisters: Glass Walking [LP]

Released May 2015.

Sample track on YouTube.

Distribution by Metamkine.
Norway distributed by Diger Distro.

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Side One:
1. Give Blood
2. Camouflage
3. Facial Error
4. Top Gun
5. Don’t Fuck
6. Default

Side Two:
1. Tourism
2. Consultancy
3. Dead @ Mu-Meson

Pica Disk is proud to release “Glass Walking” – an LP of recently unearthed recordings by the infamous Australian noise band Menstruation Sisters.

Over the years the Menstruation Sisters have through a selective, but incredibly varied output of albums steadily built a reputation among music fans as a unique band. It was never a secret who the members of Menstruation Sisters were, yet the band’s aura was shrouded in mystery and confusion, possibly because they would completely reinvent themselves with every new recorded statement. As a fan of the Menstruation Sisters you had to abandon everything you knew with each new piece of the puzzle.

And now we can go back to the beginning, the birth of the Sisters, as by pure luck early previously unreleased material from 1995 was recently discovered in the vaults in Perth’s Endless Studios archives. On these recordings the band was the duo of Oren Ambarchi and Nik Kamvissis, but with producer Anthony Maher assisting and performing on some tracks. Ambarchi and Kamvissis would continue as a duo until Brendan Walls joined in 2001

The material heard on “Glass Walking” has a different flavor to the albums that would follow. Fans will immediately be struck by the almost total absence of drums and guitars, as the music on “Glass Walking” is built around electronics and vocals. This makes the music feel more immediate, urgent and desperate. Tracks like “Give Blood” and “Don’t Fuck” reveals the missing link between Hanatarash, Maurizio Bianchi and the monkeys in the Evolution Revolution band. This is noise music history in reverse.

The album also contains the first Menstruation Sisters live concert, which documents that the band’s ferocious performance antics were also fully developed from the very first time they set foot on stage. This is the complete set, all glorious 9 minutes and 35 seconds of it.

“Glass Walking” will only be available on vinyl and comes with liner notes and archival photos that explains everything.