John Wiese / Lasse Marhaug: Continous Loop Sheep [7"]

Pica Disk 2017 • PICA046

In 1997 Lasse Marhaug and John Wiese arranged to record a split cassette for Norwegian label Komkol Autoprod. The music was recorded on June 6th at the exact same time on opposite side of the Atlantic, as a form of musical telepathy. They also agreed to base the recordings on continous loops. The recordings were made, but the cassette was never released and the material remained forgotten until Marhaug found and digitized the master in 2014. It was agreed to wait until the recording was exactly 20 years and edit each other's material down to 7" length, making it a 20 year long telepathic collaboration.

€10 ppd Europe
€12 ppd World

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